The mesoSPIM (mesoscale selective plane illumination microscopy) project creates open-hardware microscopy platforms for imaging cleared tissue.

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mesoSPIM features

Compatible with all clearing methods, simple and quick sample mounting and exchange, reduced shadowing artifacts and many moreā€¦

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Axially scanned light-sheet microscopy

Isotropy across large FOVs

The mesoSPIM is an axially scanned light-sheet microscope (ASLM) for uniform z-resolution across the FOV.

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Image large Samples

Fits a whole mouse CNS with 52 x 52 x 102 mm travel range - a larger sample volume than any other available light-sheet microscope.

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Open Hard & Software

The mesoSPIM is an open hardware project.

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Meetings and Workshops

Members of the mesoSPIM initiative organize a variety of workshops for the community.

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Find a mesoSPIM near you.

Currently, there are more than 20 mesoSPIM setups in operation around the world.

Existing setups